mandag 12. januar 2015

A new view at the Newgrange tomb

I have been in Irland five times, a couple of weeks each time, driving
around, looking at old ruins of churches, castles and monasterys.

Last year I was at Newgrange, and  I was impressed and overwhelmed
by this gigantic and fantastic passage tomb.

The guide told us about the stones that was brought from miles away
and talked about the white quartz stones that might have been brought
from a place near Wicklow, 700-800 km away.

It is amazing how these people could manage to build this construction
without tools, or at least very primitive tools.

The accuracy of the angle, and the upper edge of the wall is impressive.

So far so good, but when I look at the picture from before they re-
stored the mound and the the quartz stone wall, I can't see that this is
the same construction.

Photo of Newgrange before it is restored.

At the picture there is no sign of the stone wall, or any white quartz
stones on the ground.

The enterece after it has been restored.

At Knowth they have done differently with the quarts stones outside
the enterence of the tomb, like a brick floor and it seems that a part of
the archeological sociaty support  the way it has been done at Knowth.

When the scientific sociaty criticise the way it is done at Newgrange,
and support  what they have done at Knowth, it must be because there
were no undamaged part of the wall to give an impression of how it
had been, neither at Newgrange or Knowth.

And then, what about the egg-like stones spread around at the wall.

If there was no undamage part of the wall, how could one know
how it was.

When the guide tell the visitors about the stones that has been brought
to Newgrange frome a far site, and about the round, egg looking stones
in the wall, we get an impression that it originally was as we can see
it today.

It would have been ok if the guide did´nt  gave the impression that the
people who made the mound also built the front wall like we can see
it to day.

Don´t let the visitors believe that this is how it was from the beginning,
that is a lie.

To restore means set back to origin.

About these things I wonder, and I wish someone can give an answer
to these questions.

Or else you have a huge "Disneyworld" construction.


 An apology for my "norwegian" english.

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