tirsdag 3. april 2018

How do you treat your bad reeds

First I must say that if I say something funny, it can be
because i´m a Norwegian, so just smile and read further.

Everyone who play  woodwind instruments will sometimes 
have problems with the reeds, and the easiest way to fix it 
is to throw them away and pick another.

Well, it´s a better way to get a good reed and to save money.

Normally I use cane reeds, but sometimes if I´m in a hurry and need
a good reed immediately, I put on a Légére synthetic reed.

But back to the bad cane reed, you need a wine cork (synthetic),
quick drying glue (Loctite Superglue) and sanding (grinding?) paper 
(for water).

Glue a piece of 400 grinding paper to the cork.

Let it dry and glue another piece 800 
grinding paper on the other side.

When dry, cut the paper so it only cover the
surface of the cork.

When you have done that on both sides, 
you have 400 grade paper on one side
and 800 grade paper on the other side.

Try first with a really bad reed to get familiar
with the procedure.

After you have been grinding with the 400 grade paper,
turn the cork and polish the reed with the 800 grade paper.

Try the reed with the instrument and repeat the procedure
till you´re satisfied.

It could be useful to overdo to find out when to stop.


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